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Wednesday, 26 October 2005

How to update:  

In general you can just replace the koma_mail.exe and the languages folder with the new ones. But always make a backup of your whole Koma-Mail folder before you upgrade! And please check the changelog first, if there is anything else to consider.

Version 3.342 -> 3.343

  • Faster Database handling.
  • Bugfix for the proxysupport and smtp connection
  • New language added: French

Version 3.343 -> 3.45

  • New design
  • New filter option
  • New maildownload
  • New languagesystem
  • Disallow to open attachments
  • Zip attachments
  • Unzip attachments
  • Reply/Forward/Send again in Viewer and Search
  • ...

Version 3.35 -> 3.46

  • New header-preview
  • Faster  database support
  • New folder-layout
  • forbid to open urls or attachments in any folder
  • New language: Czech
  • ...


  • Minimize to tray
  • Bugfix for hotmail/lycos emails
  • Script-enabled templates
  • New design of the editor  buttons
  • Icon problem fixed
  • Choose a template when opening/replying to an email
  • Start Koma-Mail with windows


  • New language: Portugues
  • Free Date-Format

To convert the database use this tool please:


  • New Backupoptions
  • Changing the size of the rss-font
  • New filter-function
  • New initializing procedure of the database


  • New language: Spanish
  • Complete new Database-structur
  • Bugfixes of the sending-process
  • eMail-Header is viewable
This version is not downwards compatible!!!


  • Server-Clean in ChecMailId
  • Year.Month.Day, Time
  • Date-Format is saved different
  • Cancel for save attachments
  • Multiselection for attachments
  • New filter settings
  • New Filter-Layout

Could make problems with an upgrade. Please backup first and write to me if you need help.


  • Different way to save the auccounts
  • Different way to save the folders
  • Spam-Folder is free to choose
  • New rules for the filter

This is the last time that a new version of Koma-Mail will not be compatible to older versions. You cannot convert your folders and your mail-accounts.
To upgrade please make a backup first! Now create a second KM directory and create all folders you have in your old version.
After this you can copy the mailhead.dat, mail.dat, contacts.dat, Actions.dat, trustedaddresses.dat, Spamlist.dat and Spamwords.dat in the new user directory. You should now be able to read your old emails again.  


  • wysiwyg html-dditor to compose emails
  • Fix with viewer-window and inline-images
  • Log
  • Fix with eMail-preview and the filterbutton
  • attachments directory create at startup
  • New rss-viewer


  • new window in default browser
  • saves the list-position
  • New icons in the mainmenu
  • templates in html
  • New language: Finish
  • New language Japanese
  • Doubleclick in contacts
  • Delete a group entry


  • unicode support
  • MoveTo loading bug
  • LoadMails scrollby replaced through makevisible
  • Bold-Bug
  • doesn't check the database twice at startup
  • '\spam' has been replaced through the account.spam folder
  • faster checkmailid
  • Calendar
  • Its possible to change the subject in the template
  • Read confirmation can be changed

This version saves some parts in unicode now. If you use in the foldernames or accountnames special characters like "äüß..." you have to open the mailaccount.dat, folder.dat and change them by hand. After this use the search-function to move the emails from the nonexisting folder to an existing one.

Please make a backup first and use a non-encrypted Database! 


  • New options-menu
  • Drag&Drop from the search-window into a folder
  • New contact design



  • Calendar supports drag&drop with emails
  • Refresh by Drag&Drop
  • Bugfix with unicode-html-body creation
  • Bugfix with deleting accounts and unicode names
  • Zip attachment can be set in the editor


  • Unicode-Support for subjects
  • Koma-Mail understands now a lot of other charsets (koi8.r, shift_jis, ...)

    How to update:

    First make a backup of your old KM database.

    Then copy the converter.exe in your account settings and start it. Now press convert and replace the km.exe and the languages-folder.


  • New-mail-ticker
  • Autoview (on/off)
  • Free font-size in ticker
  • Foldernames are case-sensitive
  • Not that often header-refreshs


  • UTF8 for templates and attachments
  • Filesize of the attachments in the editor
  • Refresh button for newsfeeds
  • Default charset of outgoing mails is iso-8859-15
  • Delete all entries from a day in calendar
  • Refresh in news-feeds
  • Right-click on ticker loads main-window
  • Submenu in the tray-menu to check each account seperately

Version 3.583->3.584

  • Koma-Mail checks the attachment-names before adding them into the database
  • Bugfix in add inline-images and special characters.
  • Important security-bug is fixed: KM deactivates scripts in general, but in the last version was a bug, so that scripts are enabled when you read your mail.

Version 3.584->3.585

  • Loglist has been cleaned up:
  • Print-Template:
  • Start minimized:
  • Font in the viewer can be changed.:
  • Database uses delete-flags now:
  • Faster float to string conversion:

Version 3.585->3.5851

  • Important bugfix, which can damage the database.

Version 3.5851->3.59

  • To-Field allows more than one recipient
  • No signature limit of 1000 chars anymore
  • Groups with To, CC, BCC
  • New template-command: [%AttachmentFilenames%]
  • Bugfix: Decoded ISO-8850-1 with ISO-8850-2
  • Status information in splashscreen
  • New template-commands: [%ToName%], [%ToMail%]
  • Server-Preview
  • Full imap support
  • Decode attachments and sender-name
  • RSS feeds cannot be larger than window-size anymore.
  • New ssl-logins
  • 5 different main window layouts
  • Uses uid to recognize new mails
  • Asks before closing an editor
  • Tab jumps between message-list and body:
  • Filter can be connected (and):
  • Messages can be flagged:
  • Uses colors to highlight mails:
  • Delete-confirmation optional:
  • Sending messages can be aborted:
  • Number of new mails on the server showing:
  • RSS supports folders:
  • Background image and vCard can be attached automatically:
  • Receipt behavior can be saved:
  • Delete spam and out folders automatically:
  • Reply behavior can be saved:
  • New options layout:
  • [%UserDir%] command:
  • First mail in a folder can be displayed automatically:
  • Thread to save mails (faster download):

    This time the update is really complicate. You have to download the converter first:
    Copy the exe in your User-Folder and follow the instructions. To be on the safe side, make always, before upgrading, a backup of your old KM version including all user-files! After updating the database, please replace the language-files, the im1.bmp and the koma_mail.exe.

    Version 3.59->3.60

  • Bugfix for encypted accounts: KM couldn't recognize if a message has already been downloaded
  • Koma-Mail counts also the read messages and displays the number next to the foldername
  • Version 3.60->3.61

  • Bug in mail-decoding from 3.59 fixed:
  • Password protected options:
  • Rename folders:
  • ReplyTo:
  • [%CC%] command:
  • Bayes filter:
  • [%QuotedText{c}%], [%Text%]:
  • Update:
    You have to download the converter first:
    Copy the exe in your User-Folder and follow the instructions. To be on the safe side, make always, before upgrading, a backup of your old KM version including all user-files! After updating the database, please replace the language-files, the images and the koma_mail.exe.


    Version 3.61->3.62

    • [%ConvertToHTML{}%]:
    • CloseToTray:
    • New ticker style:
    • Editor toolbar changed:
    • Space jumps to next message:
    • Ticker moveable:
    • Different check interval for each account:
    • Accounts can be excluded from spam check:
    • Column position can be changed:
    • HTML only if trustworthy:
    • Displays imap folders correctly:

    Version 3.62->3.63

    • Free separator in the contact import:
    • Esc to close a viewer:
    • Spam-button in toolbar:
    • Ticker can be closed automatically:
    • Ticker does not steal focus:
    • Manual filter option:
    • New filter option: unread:
    • New filter option: priority:
    • New filter option: answered:
    • New mailheader design:
    • Automatical creation of folders after saving an account:
    • Automatic linebreak after x chars:
    • Shows mail size:
    • vCard support:
    • Own name is utf8-encoded:
    • Remove mails completely:
    • Allows sub-mail parts:

    To update from 3.621 (362) just replace all files through the new ones. If your mail-name  (in the account-options) contains any special characters you have the reset it.

    Before updateing please make a backup first.

    Version 3.63->3.635

    • Use own software to handle urls:
    • SendTo entry:
    • New attachment box in the editor:
    • Folder removing includes subfolders:
    • Saving of the control size in design 3:
    • Clear mail-account settings after removing an old one:
    • Blacklist bug fixed:
    • Space loads next message (also in viewer):
    • Delete also closes the viewer window:
    • New design, which hides text-field while scrolling:
    • Ctrl-space loads previous message:
    • Fixed design font size problem:
    • Scroll designs:

    Version 3.635->3.64

  • BugFix: [%QuotedText{QC}%] and html-chars:
  • View attachments of external eml-files:
  • Checks attachments before sending them:
  • IMAP-Synchronication only for selected folders:
  • New rss design:
  • Clean actionfolderlist:
  • Bugfix: Filter folder marks messages as unread:
  • Auto-reply with UTF8-encoded templates:
  • Bugfix: Insert signature manually and html-encoding:
  • Filter also moves imap mails:
  • New command: [%AddBCC{}%]:
  • New command: [%AddCC{}%]:
  • Easier deactivation of folder settings:
  • UTF8-Deocode folder name in message box:
  • Mail-Preview: Buttons to invert selection:
  • Version 3.64 -> 3.641

    • Mailsize-sort bugfix:
    • Whole day event:
    • Mail-Preview. Listview has focus:
    • New sound-file format:
    • Bugfix: [%AttachmentFilenames%] displays some names incorrectly:  

    Version 3.641 -> 3.645

    • Create IMAP-Folders:
    • Design 11 without mail-preview:
    • Whole day event box:
    • Logfile renamed to log:
    • Signatur->Signature (translated to english):
    • Bugfix: Listview-size too big at first start:
    • Bugfix: KM does not play the sound file at first start:
    • Safer closing of the mail db:
    • Edit messages:
    • Accounts with different check-interval also check by "globe"-button:
    • Mark as read only when opened in viewer:
    • Tahoma as default font:
    • Export mail as html in main-menu:


    • Default editor font can be set in the options:
    • Rightclick popup selects node in treeview:
    • eml files linked to KM viewer:
    • Fixed: Decoding problem of "_" in mail-addresses:
    • ContentType = 'message/rfc822' treated as eml-file:
    • More detailed logfile:
    • [%MailDate%] shows date only:
    • Saves send error in log:
    • Design 10 is default:
    • New lang-file format:
    • Resets timer after checking mails:
    • Forget deleted messages:


    • New filter: To-Address:
    • New filter: Subject:
    • Different way to save uid:
    • Improved layout:
    • IMAP-UIDValidity bug fixed:
    • A lot imap-improvments:
    • IMAP: Answering message marks it automatically as read:
    • No folder-tree refreshing after checking imap:
    • Activated design is checked:
    • Hint instead of design-nr:
    • Drag&Drop actions:
    • New filter: In Trash:
    • New filter: Move to trash:



    • New mail/Reply/Forward each contact with own template:
    • Customizeable toolbars:
    • 'v' shows message in viewer:
    • Copy messages:
    • Both available: Send message again and edit message:
    • Tray-Icon changes with new mails:
    • Next/Prev-Buttons in viewer:
    • Possibility to add more than one email adress per contact to avoid duplicated names :
    • New contact system (utf-8 enabled):

    First make a backup, in the case that something goes wrong. Now copy the converter.exe in the user-directory and start it. Finally replace all files through the new ones. I hope everything is working fine. 

    The converter can be downloaded from here:




    • Memorymanagement improved (first part)

    Not much new. I misunderstood an error-message of a user, so that I thought that I had uploaded a beta version by accident. Later I realized that the beta was never online. Anyway, to update, just replace all files through the new ones.


    • Spam addresses are not used for completion:
    • IMAP: New mail window only for inbox:
    • Memory optimization (final part):
    • New Spam-Image (Thanks to Schulte):
    • IMAP: Spam-check only for inbox:
    • Proxy+SSL problem fixed:


    • Maximizes window after logout:
    • Bugfix if related image is deleted:
    • KM repairs also imported messages:
    • html with ISO-8859-15 possible:
    • New handling of attachments:
    • Changed icons:
    • Different Alt-Tab handling:
    • Search-function for contacts:
    • Shows open-folder info:


    • New group design and management:
    • New calendar design:
    • Recover deleted messages:
    • Changed tray icon handling:
    • Extended notes for contacts possible:
    • Calendar improved:
    • Extended notes for calendar possible:
    •  Exception-safe message import:


    • Convert plain-text (done)
    • links to html (done)
    • Attach images through c&p (done)
    • Encoding-problem with attachment-name (done)
    • Calendar color (done)
    • Add sortway to contextmenu (done)
    • Bayes-Filter checks only the first lines (done)
    • Show log in main-window (done)
    •  Reload toolbar images (done)
    • Switch reply state (done)
    • Attachment handling improved (done)
    • Add "once a day" to calendar (done)
    • Change attachment symbol in editor-window (done)
    • Change color of marked messages (done)
    • Change encryption interface (done)
    • Check for contacts with empty names (done)
    • No "Empty subject"-message when saving mail (done)
    • Template-Button loads template window (done)
    • New scroll function (done)


    • Hide Spam-Button
    • Run MakeVisible after design-change
    • Support more charsets
    • Export contacts to ascci
    • Check inbox first
    • Large toolbar
    • Checkbox to disable ticker without deactivating the white icon
    • Show header  


    • Proxy on/off button in the main window
    • Allow clicking URLs of external mails
    • Cursor stays visible in editor
    • Alt-Del does not remove a mail
    • cp-codepages
    • Subject encoding
    • Return receipt and viewer bug
    • New cc treatment
    • Notification sound starts at the beginning
    •  Improved calendar UI
    • Improved search
    • Bugfix: checking mails and removing accounts

    Last Updated ( Monday, 23 March 2009 )